Chunky Dave's Original Peanut Butter.

Handmade with Australian peanuts, sea salt & peanut oil.

Chunky Dave's peanuts are roasted, salted and ground to perfection. We add a small amount of peanut oil during the grinding process and then bottle each jar by hand.

Great on fresh bread or toast, in your favourite dishes, or straight from the jar.

Chunky Dave's Chilli Peanut Butter.

Handmade with Australian peanuts, sea salt, chilli, cayenne pepper, paprika & a tiny bit of peanut oil.

For those that like a little bit of a kick to their peanut butter. It's not too spicy as to overpower the taste of our roasted peanuts, but enough to make you feel like you're eating peanut butter for grown ups.

Incredible with your favourite chocolate.

One of the things that makes Chunky Dave's unique is the combination of smooth and crunchy peanut butter in every jar. The peanuts are added in stages during the grinding process, so there's actual chunks of peanuts mixed in with smooth peanut butter.

It's seriously chunky and 100% awesome.

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Come and say hi and taste some Chunky Dave's at The Grounds of Alexandria each weekend or North Sydney Produce Markets on the third Saturday of each month.

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